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Percentage of Joined '69 Exporters: 52.6%

A:   287   Joined
B:   259   Not Joined


•   Pam McMullen (Freeman)  8/1
•   Sharon George (Wilson)  8/2
•   Johnny Ponton  8/5
•   Pam Klepper (Bratton)  8/6
•   Judy Hays (Seymour)  8/7
•   June Proctor (Jones)  8/7
•   Dexter Widner  8/8
•   Hal Scoggins  8/9
•   Jimmie Waldrep  8/10
•   Mary Jacob (Burns)  8/14
•   Joyce Olson (Weatherby)  8/18
•   Susan Farmer (Cade)  8/21
•   Joe Fleming  8/22
•   Susan Flynt (McAdams)  8/24
•   Ken Womack  8/24
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•   Richard (Glenn) Patton  7/23
•   Tommy Palmer  7/22
•   Deborah Jaromin (Stanford)  7/16
•   Bill Self  7/16
•   Roy Carr  7/14
•   Pam Klepper (Bratton)  7/12
•   Kenny Hayes  7/8
•   Glen Jones  7/7
•   Joe Fleming  7/6
•   Sharon George (Wilson)  7/6
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Brazosport High School
Freeport, Texas Class Of 1969

THE 45th CLASS REUNION at Dido's Restaurant was a big success. We had around 63 people last night. If you didn't make it, we are having a Christmas get together at the same location on Saturday, Dec. 13. SAVE THE DATE.

(As I mention names, I am only going to give names from school, and not married names. So sorry).


It was almost too late when we took the group picture for some of our class

had already gone home. We had such a GREAT time. Please don't

miss the next get together. Classmates came from all over the nation

to be here. heart


Some of the attending classmates were: Margaret Dubois, Maria Seidler, Marian Sahr, Kat Tarver, John Adcock, Debbie Antoon, Tony Barnard, Ray Beets, Stanley Brock, Jerri Mills, Elliot Clark, Becky Aucoin, Lyndel Coughlin, Alice Day, Linda Denton, Greg Hackney, Hollis Hall, Judy Teague, David Hudgins, Glen Jones, Carrol Reneau, Karen King, John Devens, Tony Barnard, George Ayala, Wanda Leonard, Bobbie Monahan, Pat O'Leary, Tommy Palmer, Melinda Rosenkranz. Teacher Carolyn Huff and her husband Harold; and Coach Northup. Forgive me if I missed your name. (Those who RSVP'd "yes" and missed us, were: Dianne Whitley, Lynn Rasberry, Mickey Mixon, Nancy Bryan)


Wanda Leonard and Kat Tarver and husband

 Henry Maresh and George Ayala

  Marian Sahr, Pattie Pasztor, Dale Dempsey, John and Susie Devens, Karen King, Judy Teague and others

Kat Tarver and Carrol Reneau are catching up on old times. Behind Carrol standing is Pat O'Leary and Judy Teague and sitting to the right of her is Becky Aucoin.

   Mike Reneau is preaching "something" to his wife Becky, his sister Carrol, and John Devens, who are sitting across the table. ;-) 

John Devens, your looking good!        


Judy Teague and Alice Day enjoyed time together. John Devens is to our left.


                                                                                    Debbie Antoon and Glen Jones chatting.


George Ayala and Lyndel Couglin

Lyndel Couglin and Linda Denton are deep in conversation. (Linda hasn't changed a bit) In the background, Bobbie Monaghan, Dale Dempsey, Marian Sahr, Pattie Patszor, Tommy Palmer, and others.

   Jerri Mills and her husband, Brian.

Becky Aucoin Reneau and husband Mike.


Left to right: Coach Northup, Greg Hackney and Elliot Clark is front left.

                                                                                                 Tommy and Sonja Palmer









Once again, the BHS class of 1970 is accepting 'guest member' status to those individuals who were in school with us.
In the interest of the privacy of members of the class of 1970, you may be asked some question relating to BHS and/or Brazosport. The reason for this is the 'one time influx' of guest requests from people posing as BHS alumnus.
Hope everyone understands.
Just use the Contact Us link on the following page:
Brazosport High School - Freeport, TX Class Of 1970, Freeport, TX


Brazosport High School - Freeport, TX Class Of 1970,...
This is the official web site for the Brazosport High School Class Of 1970

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Class of 1970 Administrator


                   The  Way  We  Were                                                 


          For a GREAT view of this, see Janet Skaggs' profile.

 Our class motto:

What then shall we say to these things?
If God is for us, who is against us?     
Romans 8: 31   (New American Standard Bible)