A Reunion meeting was held August 14 at The Local.

 Members attending were:   Marian Sahr, Margaret Ammons, Bobbie Hunter, Janice Colwell, Larry Cornelius, Patty Williams, Paula Tate Garrett, Melinda Rosenkranz, Nancy Gilbert, Steve Landers and me. (Cyndie Strother Cunningham)

Larry reported that he has the music for the daytime ready to go. He also has secured the margarita machine.

 Judy Crenshaw will have the stage area for games during the day. Decorating should be done and decorating committee will not be in the way.

Finances -

 We have paid Ronnie Coleman a $200 deposit. The committee still owes $1418 to the Civic Center and the balance of $200 to Ronnie. That leaves a balance of $2310.

It was nominated and seconded at we would add Patty Williams and Cyndie Cunningham to the signature card at the bank.

We also discussed how classmates would want to pay for the event. We've decided on checks and paypal. We will get a Paypal account set up.

We will offer a discounted price for Earlybird Registration.

There will also be scholarships available if needed. Please PM Marian or me if you are in need of a scholarship.


 Nancy and Patty have narrowed the choices of caterers to On the River and Talk about Good. The cost will be approximately $20 for the dinner. We will probably have cookies and an Exporter cake for dessert.


Becky Rasmussen has the template for the name tags. I think she has volunteered to make them again this time, but I can't guarantee that.


 We have a proposal from Darlene Wier to do the photographs. Prices will be posted at a later date.


 Steve Lander has info and will get it to the next meeting.


 Paula has all the decorations decided. We may still need volunteers to help Saturday morning to get everything out.

 Will be sending requests. Steve Stein has offered to let us borrow the Brazosport flags for the reunion.

Sunday Services

 The service will be held at the Brazosport High School cafeteria, like last time. Classmembers Gene Grear will speak, and Skip Vandergrifft will lead music.

Friday Night

 The City of Lake Jackson has a free concert series beginning on Friday before our Reunion. They have offered to set aside a space for the class and recognize us as having our 50th reunion. The Intercoastal Pirates will be the band for that night. It starts at 7 pm. Everyone can bring their own food/drink or can visit one of the downtown eateries before the concert.

Our next meeting will be held Sept. 11 at 5:30 at the Meeting Room at the Lake Jackson Library.


We had a reunion Meeting on April 10.

 Present were:  Patty Williams, Bettie Greer, Janice Colwell, Bobbie Hunter, Larry Cornelius, Steve Landers, Margaret Ammons, Marian Sahr, and Cyndie Strother Cunningham

Larry reported that rental for Saturday afternoon would be the following:

 Popcorn machine $60

 Nacho machine $40

 He's working on music for Saturday afternoon

GOLF - Michael Poehl has graciously stepped and reserved tee time for Saturday morning. If you are planning to play golf, please see Michael's pinned message at top of Reunion Page.

MUSIC - Ronnie Coleman is going to provide the music for the Saturday night festivities. We are getting a deposit to him in the next week.

T-Shirts - Marian and Steve are checking on this with a local vendor.

Registration - Bettie is working on getting the name tags done with our high school pictures on them.

Sunday Services - Janice is working on this.

Pictures/Video - Margaret has a bid and we will be getting a deposit for the photographer soon.


Media committee - ************VOLUNTEER(S) NEEDED************************

This would be getting notices in the newspaper, other social media, etc.


 Next meeting will be May 1.







February 6, 2018 at FBC Lake Jackson.
Attendees were: BettyGreer, Marian SahrPatty WilliamsBobbie HunterJanice ColwellSteve LandersMargaret AmmonsCyndie Strother Cunningham.

The poll for a spring or fall reunion was running in favor of the Spring 2019. Since there was only one date available at the Civic Center, we went ahead and put a deposit on the Ballroom.

We came up with a list of committees. If you want to head a committee, PLEASE let us know asap. We want EVERYONE involved. This is the class of 1969's reunion...Not ours!

The following committees are what we came up with. If you can think of anything else, please let us know.

Treasurer will be Susie Tyler

Decorations - tentatively Paula Tate Garrett
Saturday Daytime activities - tentatively Judy Crenshaw
Sunday morning worship service
Missing classmates
In Memory Slide Show - Carrol Reneau Jeffers




  C/O 1969 Christmas Gathering

 So very generous of Jerri Mills and Brian Jones to host this loud, rowdy bunch. They have a lovely home and copious Christmas decorations . . . I’m thinking they should be on some kind of tour route!  Thank you, Jerri & Brian. Lovely people, lovely home, great food . . . guacamole to die for (or kill for, could go either way!).    By the way, NO ONE fell in the pool as predicted. At our age and as cold as it was outside, it would not have even been amusing. Okay. Maybe a little funny.   That group would have laughed at a beheading. 
Marian started and, oh, shall we say, encouraged the rest of us, to wave at and WooHoo the passing decorated boats. Even the one with the reindeer hanging by the neck. And she (A.K.A ‘Hanny’) kept yelling, “M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S from the C/O 1969!” Yes. She did. It echoed up and down the San Bernard river – fortunately Jerri won’t have to move because Marian did not add “of Brazosport HS”.  Someone said it would be nice if the boats were throwing candy like other parades which led to suggestions of throwing more age appropriate items – i.e., Prilosec, prune juice, Depends, etc.  Tony treated it like a Christmas Wish list, he was hoping for fishing tackle.   It was suggested that Marian might want to raise her blouse and see if she could get beads thrown to her . . . that probably would have eliminated the need to announce “from the C/O of 1969” as it would appear redundant.
 During the Gift Stealing game (it is known by several different names but lets just call it what it is), Alice had a neverending giggle fit from an unknown source. Janice started off heehawing with her but even she quit after a while. Not Alice. No, sir. Her giggling reached a pitch only dogs could hear . . . and apparently H.L., too.   There was a good bottle of wine that scooted around from person to person and champagne & caviar that was swiped and hidden . . .   If you are attending any gift exchange parties in the near future with John Devens and Tony Barnard, try to get there before they do so you can identify the gifts they carry in . . . I promise they will be regifting. I finally got home with my legally obtained gift exchange. People, it is a beautiful red couch pillow with “Keep Christ in Christmas” in needlepoint. Because players kept stealing everything I opened, I finally got to keep the last one. While we posed several hours for the group shot, SOMEBODY took my pillow. SOMEBODY on the back row. SOMEBODY named John Devens. Or, Marian. It was like dealing with the mafia, nobody would squeal on nobody. HOWEVER, when Kevin retrieved his cane and offered it to me as, ahem, an investigative tool . . . wow, the pillow magically appeared from behind the couch. Next time you see Marian if she is still pouting & moaning about “her” church cookies being stolen, don’t even slow down, just nod  and keep going . . . save yourself. They weren’t even her cookies, Janice made and brought them.
HEAR THISI did not steal the windchimes but, YES, they are in my possession now.  See Gerry Sue Reichenbach Patton.  She insists that Betty Beck sneaked it to her and told her to leave it at my house without my knowledge.  I don't know if Betty is being generous or I am being set up.  (Because, of course, by now my fingerprints are all over them).  Thank you, Betty?   Or  dang it, Betty?  Which is it?  Or, is it Gerry Sue's scheme?????    You just had to be there to understand.    
Alice authorized a C/O ’69 group shot that went on and on and on and on. I understand the strategy, take 11,000 pictures and there’s bound to be a good one with most everybody fairly decent looking. What baffles me is she looks picture perfect in every shot – HOW DOES SHE DO THAT?   Susie Devens (C/O ’68) was so patient and just kept clicking away as ordered. I’m sure the non-C/O ’69 spouses didn’t understand why we stayed in “group photo” formation so looooooooong . . . ‘cause Alice said so.   Some habits are just automatic. Steve Landers and Gail Harris showed up just after the group photo but in time for the 9 hour prayer circle (I was glad I was seated!) – boy, talk about timing. 
I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all. Cheryl Barnard (Tony’s wife) is going to get details for the 4 day cruise out of Galveston for our 60th Birthday. It will be scheduled sometime between the day after Christmas 2010 and January 1, 2011. 
In case you listened to the unfounded gossip that Alice & I disagreed frequently during the reunion planning . . .  because of last night's fog, Alice stayed at my house and she THINKS I gave her a brand new toothbrush . . .
I wish you & yours the Merriest Christmas with your loved ones.  Stay safe.
September 24, 2009
In attendance: Susie Reichenbach Patton, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Margaret Dubois Ammons, Cyndie Strother Cunningham, Nancy Bryan Gilbert, Tony Barnard, Janice Mangum Colwell, Marian Sahr Bullard, Maria Seidler Atkins and WANNA-BE Steve Stein c/0 1970 (he was actually visiting to pick up ideas for their reunion – he also crashed our Saturday night event – he will be properly punished at the appropriate time).
M.I.A.’s: Alice ‘Sic ‘em’ Day Smith, Jerri Mills, Alan Weddell, Steve Landers, Mary Jane Pratt Boomhower,  The Tommys and all others. The Other Tommy was working and the Good Tommy actually called FROM THE GOLF COURSE to see if the meeting was going on – TWICE ACTUALLY! 
It did NOT escape notice that the 2 primary instigators of this follow-up meeting were NO SHOWS. You know who you are. (we are such good sports that we had a great meeting any way and will not hold a grudge)
Next meeting for breakfast at 9:00, Saturday October 24  at
Andy’s Kitchen on This Way in Lake Jackson.
*       Our classmates have been so generous with their thanks to the committee, we are all so glad you enjoyed it (we did,too).   Winona handmade the most gorgeous thank you card.  
*       I discovered that I actually had BOTH registration rosters & I could have combined the 2 at any time. oh. I’m just the ‘webmaster’ now so . . . what are you gonna do, fire me? HOWEVER, it was agreed that whatever the rosters indicate won’t be totally accurate because there were people NOT ‘formally’ registered (even though they had prepaid). At some point, we can probably have a kind of, sort of, attendance guesstimate. Tony Barnard says he thinks he heard the caterer say they served 299 plates but the consensus is there were more than 299 people in attendance.  OH, and the rosters won’t have most of the spouses counted, either.
*       FINANCES:  
§         March 2008 BALANCE         $683.00
§           CURRENT BALANCE     $4,700.00
§         EXPECTING                           $300.00 refund of deposit from City of
                             OUTSTANDING DEBTS:    $500.00 TIP FOR CATERER
$200.00 APPROXIMATE REIMBURSE Maria Seidler Atkins for purchase of paper goods, etc. (she has receipts but has not submitted)
               *Susie is still taking care of business - she SOLD left over bags of chips to her office mates and made us $20.   We donated the 2 big boxes of chips from Sam’s to the Women’s Center (their funds NEVER cover snacks and they have kids there, too).           
*       BRAZOSPORT CARES FOOD PANTRY: Representative Lisa Doyle came to the meeting to accept a donation of $712 from the Brazosport High School Class of 1969. Susie called her just before noon THAT DAY and they were more than happy to show up. 
*         The most UNIVERSAL complaint about the reunion was that the dinner music was TOO LOUD. ( BTW, that officially pushes us past the middle age precipice) The plan was for the DJ to play background music during dinner. I ‘splained to the DJ once that he needed to turn the volume down and, after a short argument, I saw him turn knobs but I think knobs got turned again when I walked away. He’s lucky his woofers didn’t get shot out (I was in a lot of back pain). A few complaints about the choice of music but then we realized, no one ever actually communicated our exact requests to the DJ – oops. (I did email him THE WEEK OF after I got a couple of requests for some country music)
*       We all wished we had asked our veterans to stand to be recognized for their military service. A regrettable oversight.
*        A couple of folks suggested that the class picture be scheduled at a later time (than 6:30 p.m.) because a few didn’t make it - generated much entertaining discussion. Final decision: WHENEVER a picture is scheduled SOME ONE WILL STILL MISS IT. The time was posted & communicated well in advance, selected TO MEET THE LIGHT EXPOSURE NEEDS OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER and APPARENTLY sufficient as the majority were present.  
*       Door prizes were amazing, generously abundant and appreciated. A more efficient method for distribution was suggested and will be in place next time.
*       Sound system for announcements was seriously lacking (refrained from saying it sucked). 
*       Announcements/information could be made by looping slides on overhead screen
*       1:00 a.m.!  just silly to have it last that long – won’t happen again. 
There were several suggestions that would make future reunions even better. These activities would require committed, reliable MANPOWER.  
*       Saturday offer several various indoor activities – more than just Bunco i.e., dominoes, poker, etc.   
*       Silent and/or live auction for door prizes to raise money for community organizations
*       Offer options for reunion paraphernalia for purchase – t-shirts, caps, polo shirts, denim shirts, koozies (this cuts into volume discount so prices will go up)
*       Baked goods contest (pies, cookie or cakes) – include a tip jar to collect donations for  community’s ‘worthy cause’ as items are tasted all up
*       Post a list to acknowledge donors (of door prizes & other donations)
*       BOARD AN EXPORTER  - so many classmates must travel and stay overnight to attend reunions here. To help defray expenses for travelers, if locals have a spare room we can match up folks who are coming. Poehl’s wife’s class does this for out of towners so we can get more details later.
AT THIS TIME THE HUE & CRY IS TO HAVE A MINI-REUNION around the holidays. Scaled waaaaaaaaay down. Keep looking for details on the website.
Also, much chatter about the 60th birthday cruise out of Galveston– maybe after Christmas Day 2010?  Coach, Medicare cruise is GREAT idea but consensus is 2016 is too long to wait!
 Again, this committee has no leader/chair/boss. I’m keeping the minutes & minding the website for now but truly, honestly, no kidding Boss Lady has retired to a worker position. Send any suggestions/questions to Maria, Susie, ANYONE ON THE COMMITTEE , or Barrack O. - just not Carrol.




Planning Meeting July 19, 2009
In attendance: Tommy Palmer, Susie Reichenbach Patton, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Margaret Dubois Ammons, Cyndie Strother Cunningham, Tommy Da Man Dye; Tony Barnard, Maria Seidler Atkins, Alice Day Smith, Steve Landers, Janice Mangum Colwell and Marian Sahr Bullard
Absent: Those Other People (except Nancy Bryan Gilbert who definitely has a pass)
Bulletin: These meetings are actually about the food. There. I’ve said it. 
Next meeting 6:30ish, Tuesday, August 25 at American Title 471 This Way in Lake Jackson.   There may be a final one Sunday August 30 to nail things down (we will have to be sneaky because Alice isn’t available – shhh). SPEAKING OF WHICH, she & Gerry Sue were whispering – hand covering mouth & everything, in fact Alice put a piece of paper in front of her face – at the table with 11 other people! When it got quiet, she said,’ well, we’ll have to talk later, they got too quiet.’ Geeeeeez.   
*         As of yesterday 77 people (not counting assorted spouses/significant others) have paid.   If you run into Alice, tell her you mailed your check in or you will get a shakedown which would be the envy of a loan shark.  Poor Margaret Ammons . . . she’s paid now.  Early registration of $50 ends July 31 then price increases to $60.  We are close to meeting the budget.
*         Classmates will have to wear their name badges ALL WEEKEND because it is your admission ticket . . . and besides, we won’t recognize or remember each other. Becky Cobb Rasmussen is putting those together. 
*         Lynn Rasberry Brooks is responsible for t-shirts from Park Place. Complimentary reunion t-shirts are for BHS C/O ’69 graduates. The design has been decided on and will be ordered from Park Place. A final count is needed 2 weeks before the event.   A REUNION T-SHIRT IS GUARANTEED ONLY IF REGISTERED (PAID) BEFORE AUGUST 15 (by the 14th). After that, there may be some extras available but they may not be your size. T-shirts will not be ordered after August 15.
*         DJ will need access to the building at 5:00 to set up equipment as does the caterer. If $$ is available, he will play background music until 9:00 and then it gets LOUD & ROWDY – in theory.
*         Photographer: John Smith III will attend all the events and will take both stills and video and interviews so be prepared! He will take the class picture about 6:30 Saturday – DO NOT BE LATE, you don’t want to miss thisDVD are $15 + $1.50 s/h = $16.50 can be pre-ordered at the reunion and will be mailed within 2 weeks. Pictures will be available on site or on-line for up to 30 days. Cash, credit cards or checks payable to JOHN SMITH III.  DO NOT SEND THIS TO US, HANDLE THIS W/ MR. SMITH AT THE REUNION – (unless of course you are not coming . . . shoot, we didn’t make a plan for that! Guess you are out of luck)
*         Guest faculty: If anyone wants a faculty member to be an invited guest, provide the name and current mailing address or email address ASAP. Tony Barnard is going to track down Mr. MacDonald, Maria Seidler is going to get Mr. Magee’s and Margaret Ammons will get Bill Shaw’s. Judge Huff is already on board and has an assigned duty.
*         Former EXPORTER BAND MEMBERS: Lynn Rasberry has spoken to current BHS band director, Jerry Crummel, who is pleased to welcome former (as opposed to just old) band members to sit in on a song during the football game. The school will provide an instrument for you. If you are interested in this, contact Lynn at and she can tell you how to reach Jerry Crummel (I don’t have his email address).   It must be said that at this time SOMEBODY WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS, one of the Tommys (not Da Man) or maybe it was the guy sitting on the 2nd row who was at his very first meeting, suggested that the former cheerleaders lead a cheer. Nancy, Maurice, Freddy, Pam & Susan - the rest of us got your backs! Unless, of course, you really want to . . . I’m sure it could be arranged.
*         ADULT BEVERAGES: Alan Weddell & Michael Poehl are ‘sponsoring’ a keg (meaning they gave us $$). I think it is their intention to share it with the rest of the reunion and Michael requested either Dos Equis or Corona for his discriminating palate.   It has been said that another classmate is willing to sponsor another keg for the reunion but hasn’t yet. Tommy Dye is Da Man to know for many reasons. He has arranged for all the ice we will ever need to be delivered to River Place – FOR FREE ON LABOR DAY WEEKEND! He has an anonymous donor who wants to sponsor 2 margarita machines & mixes. Margaret Ammons found a place to rent 2 margarita machines so Tommy’s guy is going to pay for that. Tommy has some left over tequila at home (like a gallon) and Margaret is in for a bottle. I have an unopened bottle of Jose Cuervo gold that I’ll donate to the cause . . . BUT does tequila have an expiration date?   It has been in my kitchen cabinet for a few years but it has never been opened, does that make a difference? Tommy Da Man also volunteered to pick up the kegs, deliver & set up at River Place.  Somebody, Margaret?, is going to buy cups for the ‘ritas.   Tommy Da Man also has made arrangements to buy $100 of beverage tickets for the golfers and will distribute to all golfers. He ‘splained to the nondrinking, nongolfers ‘its HOT out there. Oh . . .  well then. AND he verified that there is a girl who drives around in a cart and delivers beer to the golfers –  honestly thought that was just the Other Tommy’s fantasy! Tommy Da Man also is hoping that coffee will be available around dinner . . . guess he wants the golfers ‘awake’.
Glen Jones has generously volunteered to donate a keg or a case of wine. Details have not been worked out because he does not respond to his email.
*         Alice has been reimbursed for website domain fee ($85) whew! Gerry Sue has a check to reimburse Nancy for the caterer’s deposit .
*         BOTTLED WATER & SOFT DRINKS:   Again, Tommy Da Man is going to ask Wells Fargo to sponsor 300 bottles of water and see if he knows ‘a guy’ who will spring for some soft drinks. Maria said that we can catch a sale on coca-cola products and get cases of 24 for $4 which is cheaper than Sam’s.  Anyone have any coca-cola connections? 
*         DECORATIONS: Mary Jane Pratt Boomhower brought 2 precious baskets decorated w/ red/white/blue flowers & ribbon for table centerpieces. She was unable to stay for the meeting. We will use 23 -  6’ round tables (more or less, depending on # of attendees) and 5 -6’ rectangle tables (registration, desserts, photographer, displays, stuff). Margaret Dubois Ammons is going to purchase that many (the total) tablecloths, I think ALL RED.    Wait, Maria is going to get napkins at Sam’s and she’s going to check the tablecloth prices there, too? BUT, MARIA, DO THEY HAVE RED TABLECLOTHS?   
This was decided after much eye rolling ‘cause apparently it is a big deal to some people.
*         FOOTBALL GAME: Coach Weddell nailed this assignment. Don’t we think he really should be nominated to chair the next reunion? Is that a big YES from the C/O ’69? ‘The week of’ he will get a final count of pre-paids, get a check from Gerry Sue and pick up the tickets. He & his ‘helpers’ will rendezvous at Susan Farmer Cade’s house at 4:30 Friday and get the tarp and set up at 5:30 at Hopper Field. BISD is providing a table & chairs for Alan’s registration team. SOMEBODY needs to write an introduction to be used for C/O ’69 which will occur at half-time. There are 150 reserved seats on the 50 yard line. Oh, Coach Weddell also scored 2 ‘inside’ parking permits for ease in hauling in the tarp, shirts, etc. See how very thorough & detailed he is? Excellent qualities in an organizer! 
*         Golf: Tommy Da Man has worked out all these details and reports men & women are registered and spots are still available.  Tee off is PROMPTLY at 7:00 a.m. There are prizes provided by John Greenberg and Michael Poehl
*         Bunco:  Everyone who can needs to bring a card table – borrow one if you have to – & TAPE YOUR NAME ON IT IF YOU WANT IT BACK! Chairs are there. Susie & Jerri will bring LARGE coffee pots and we ALL (committee folks) bring breakfast pastries, i.e. donuts, bagels, cinnamon rolls, etc. Carrol has the bunco equipment- enough dice for 37 tables x 4 players = 112 players. Please, please let us know if you plan to play. AND WE WANT EVERYONE TO PLAY – more tables & dice can be found AHEAD OF TIME. If you have never played, YOU MUST. It takes slow people about 45 seconds to catch on to this game; brighter people, not that long.   There are at least 4 prize winners most wins, most losses, most buncos and the bunco baby. We may come up with additional ones. Gerry Sue has most generously donated a crisp $100 bill as the grand prize – YOWZAH!
*         Gumbo/Chili/RoadKill Cook-off: LUNCH SATURDAY IS NOT PROVIDED. The cook-off is for tasting. Can go out to lunch or pick-up and bring to River Place. However, Ellise Good Griot has volunteered to bring a total of a gallon of salsa – tomato salsa, cucumber salsa and pineapple salsa and she is the chip chairman, too!  Maria or Margaret is going to get Styrofoam cups so there won’t be double-dipping. Oh, and Maria is going to pick up 2 boxes of chips from Sam’s.  From the second row, Steve Landers commented that he approves of double-dipping – I’m not sure he meant salsa bowls though. So far there are only 6 cook-off entrants: Dee Allen, Margaret Ammons, Tony Barnard,  Joy Garrett Chessar, Janey Williams Moebius and Jerri Mills. To encourage more participants, we have expanded the cook-off to include tasty entree types. It will now be the Gumbo/Chili/RoadKill Cook-off.  Carolyn Huff will serve as Head (& maybe sole) Judge.  Judge Huff is agreeable to persuasive incentives until her decision is made.  Judge Huff's decision is probably final and will not be announced until the actual conclusion of the competition on September 5. Let the sucking up begin.
*         Saturday evening: 6:00 P.M. - Registrations & socializing & GROUP CLASS PICTURE, 7:00 buffet supper, shenangins will continue into the night.  Soft drinks and beer will be available but otherwise B.Y.O.B. for alcoholic beverages.  By the way, things have changed - there are liquor stores in Freeport .Menu: flat iron steak with potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls, dessert and tea. Caterer will provide white plastic place settings and clear plastic cups and assorted sodas.   Needs final head count 10 days before the September 4 and total balance is due then, too. @$15 plus $2.00 for drink per person
*         RiverPlace must be cleaned and vacated by 2:00 a.m.-  the doors lock automatically. Arrangements have been made for a custodian, Angelica Trevino & her son, to start about midnight for $75.  We need to remember to have cash that night! In case Carrol fall’s off the face of the earth, somebody who speaks Spanish needs to confirm with Angelica during that week 979 – 709 – 8441.
*         Sunday Service: At the Galley (cafeteria) at Brazosport High School – we will try to get a map and have it Saturday. The doors will open at 10:30 and service will begin at 11:00. There is no rental fee but custodians will be there and we have to pay them $50. We need to get them coffee some time that week and they will have it ready for us and they will clean up after us. Dee Allen will teach the service and, hopefully, Mark Davis will lead music – okay, one song we all know. Afterward, we are to get a tour of the new facility by principal, Doug Boone. 
*         Security: Required minimum of 2 Freeport Police officers any time alcoholic beverages are served. When we have a closer headcount, they may require more officers. Being a holiday weekend, Lynn Brooks is going to let them know NOW that we will need a minimum of 2 officers from 6:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. 
*         Door prizes: who knows, this is Dee’s secret – so it’s fun & scary at the same time.
*         $100 cash prize donated by Leo & Georgia Crosley in memory of their son Randy to the person traveling the greatest distance.
*         Reunion Special: and it is special! Maria Seidler Atkins is offering 20% to all c/o ‘69ers & their spouses at her store ‘Forever Treasures’ at 217 Parking Way in old downtown Lake Jackson. The hours are 10 – 5:30 and the sale will run Thursday – Saturday and Monday just for us! Mark your calendars ‘cause you WANT TO GO. She even said she would open on Sunday afternoon after services if that is the only time we can squeeze it in! But if you come to town early, you can shop Thursday & Friday, too. Or stay over and shop Monday. She’s got stuff. . . stuff you want
*         The Brazosport Community:   During this difficult economic time we have an opportunity to give back to the community where we were raised. Hopefully we will open our hearts and wallets for a worthy cause. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. All donations will go directly to the Brazosport Food Pantry.    There will be a container at the reunion registration table for contributions. 
*         Just in case: local committee members agreed to provide our cell phone numbers the week of the reunion for questions, assistance, etc. to y’all. NOT posting on the site but will send out in a mass email.  If you’re from out of town &  have car trouble, maybe someone will come pick you up . . . however, probably won’t change your tire – you know how hot it is going to be here in September?   Might bring a can of flat fix-it.
What is forgotten? 
(this is not a deep, meaning-of-life kind of question, what necessity have we not thought of?)

OH,OH,OH, - THE TOPIC OF ‘OUR’ 60TH BIRTHDAY WAS BROUGHT UP – NOT BY ME – BY SOMEBODY AT THE RIGHT END OF THE TABLE – JANICE MANGUM COLWELL, MAYBE? How about a 3 – 4 day cruise out of Galveston? (that was my idea)   Planning would be much easier than a reunion for SOMEONE – just get in touch with a travel agent!   THINK ABOUT IT. 


No Exporter was injured in the course of this meeting. However, 1 or 2 may have been insulted and the Other Tommy got 2 black marks by his name. Carrol


Planning Meeting May 31, 2009

 In attendance: Tommy Palmer, Susie Reichenbach Patton, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Margaret Dubois Ammons, Alan Weddell, Claudette Coppin Fleming, Cyndie Strother Cunningham, Vickie Norris Haish
M.I.A.’s: Nancy Bryan Gilbert didn’t get in from Austin in time, Tony Barnard has a sinus infection & back issues (we understand & sympathize), Jerri Lee Mills was a no show, and Alice Day Smith called in tired.  Maria called during the meeting, Alan took the call and reported that she couldn’t come due to a hole in the wall and rearranging merchandise at her shop . . . it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have handed him the phone.
There was a washtub full of taco salad ala Gerry Sue, THE cheese dip that should come with the Surgeon General’s warning, beans, Mexican rice and 2 chocolate lovers’ dream desserts. HOLY COW, it was good.
Next meeting 3:00, Sunday, July 19 at American Title
471 This Way in Lake Jackson.   
*       Georgia Crosley, Randy’s mother, came to the meeting and graciously offered a cash award to be presented at the reunion to the classmate that travels the longest distance to attend. Leo and Georgia Crosley want to do this in Randy’s memory . 
*       PHOTOGRAPHER: Tommy Palmer, who commutes to work in Dallas (or something like that), did in fact bring the photographer, Ed O’Canas. To show up for all activities, football game, golf, bunco, cook-off , Saturday evening and maybe Sunday a.m. and take candid shots, O’Canas fee would be $500 - $600 plus individuals could purchase a DVD of a composite of the pictures set to our choice of music for $10. Also, we could e-mail him our personal pictures of the weekend and he would include them. He would also make a presentation of “school day” pictures to loop during early part of reunion (this wouldn’t be difficult for any of us to create).    E-mail is: c# 979 – 319 – 0043. 
Freddy Brenk earlier had emailed me information about another option for photographer/videographer: John Smith III of Freeport is interested in working the reunion “he will not charge the reunion for his work but will charge individuals for copies of any pictures/videos…” And he will add ‘60s music also. John Smith studio # 979-233 – 4543, c# 979 – 480 – 5139
Tommy, who does not read his e-mail because he works in Dallas (apparently there is NO internet connection there), said blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and he will contact both photographers and let us know ASAP who will give us the best deal. 
Claudette has a Clute annual and will scan and e-mail me some pictures and I have a Freeport annual. We groused as to how we need a LJ annual. Alan sat there like he was homeschooled until he attended B’port HS. Alan, you have no LJ annuals? (I would have asked him at the time but . . . the Heckler was blah, blah, blahhing me to distraction).
*       NAME TAGS: Lynn said Becky Cobb Rasmussen, who generously agreed to make our name tags, is sick and tired of waiting for me to get her the names and flashdrive with senior pictures. I guess they told me!  I’ll do my best to get it to Becky this week.  However, I disagree with Lynn and think if someone doesn’t have a senior picture, then I will attempt to use a 10th or 11th grade picture if available.    (See, one advantage of writing the minutes is you can work out the plan like you want it – as long as Alice isn’t involved – I’m not stupid . . . all the time.) 
*       Alice was too tired to attend but she e-mailed instructions so
ü      20 people have registered through PayPal per Alice. HOWEVER, per Gerry Sue, this amount is NOT showing in the bank account balance. Gerry Sue has received 12 registration checks which she has deposited.
ü      We need $$$ so we can proceed or we need to start drastically cutting some plans because we don’t have the balance to cover plans thus far. I’m posting a countdown clock on the homepage for emphasis.
ü      “Someone” needs to post a notice for “everyone” to pay their registration fees. Alice didn’t specify who needs to do this so . . . uh, Alice, feel free to post it.
* Alice is not just tired, she is EXHAUSTED. She has traveled to 3 nations and 6 cities the last 30 days teaching/preaching and Saturday taught 9 hours in a Spanish speaking church in Houston. Alice, we are 58 not 28, PACE YOURSELF, honey.
*       It was decided that to give back to the Brazosport community, we will ask for donations at the reunion to support Brazosport area resources: the food pantry, women’s center, and/or Pregnancy Help center.   I will post on website . . . sooner or later.
*       BEVERAGES: Tony provided costs & breakdowns for beer kegs. While Wal-Mart has the best price (Miller Genuine Draft or Lite $105 , $100 deposit per keg), the Tommys are willing to deliver & return said kegs and they feel like Baywood Foods ($120, $95 per keg deposit) in Freeport is more convenient.   Committee agreed it was their call since they are providing the work, time & gas.
ü      The Tommys are providing kegs for golf game – I think he said 4 kegs. Mmmm, we will make business cards available for taxis and bail bond companies. 
ü      The Tommys are delivering & setting up 2 kegs at River Place for Saturday night.
ü      Per Michael Poehl, Susan Farmer Cade is donating 2 kegs for Saturday night which will give us a total of 4 kegs for Saturday evening.
ü      Somebody at the meeting volunteered to check with our caterer, Buzz Babb, and see about the cost of renting his Margarita machine. At this time, we don’t know
(1) if we can afford it, and (2) if you’ll need to provide your own tequila & mix.    More details may or may not follow.
ü      I will be rebuilding my 401(K) with a concession stand for the Hangover-free Topical Patch ® (HFTP) by Sober X. 
ü      Still need that ever popular “Somebody” to get estimates for canned drinks and bottled water.
    While River Place has an ice machine, it is a concern that we might be using it faster than the machine can produce it. So, IF YOU WANT COLD BEER, we need volunteers to provide ice. 

*       REUNION T-SHIRTS:   Decided on the design colors, etc. red t-shirt with white & blue printing and class “slogan” on the back. Lynn has a good price from Park Place in Clute for a minimum of 200 shirts – no set up charge. Gerry Sue’s niece has a very close price with Jerzee brand 50/50 5.6 oz. shirts and she will be looking for sales between now and then so she may get us a better price.  We have some time to make a decision.  A final count is needed 2 weeks before the event. A reunion t-shirt is guaranteed only if registered before August 15. T-shirts will not be ordered after August 15. . After that, we may have some extras available at the reunion for sale but may not be your size. 
*       Margaret will check with the city of Freeport. Can we access River Place at 6:00 a.m. Sunday to hire help to clean up.   She will let me know if we have that option. If it is possible, I have a contact for clean up.
*       Margaret is going to check with Mary Jane Platt Boomhower. We have missed her at the last few meetings. Budge for decorating? Margaret will offer to help, too. Simplify, simplify, simplify. 
*       Alan will coordinate with BISD athletic director regarding procedures for seating, etc. for football game.
*       Carrol will get the minutes posted before sundown. 
*       Reimburse Nancy the caterer’s non-refundable deposit of $400. 
*         Reimburse Alice $85 for the website domain name.
*       We do know that the city of Freeport REQUIRES paid (by us) police officers to be present any time alcoholic beverages are consumed at the River Place. At this time, we are thinking that alcohol will only be consumed on the premises Saturday evening and not during day activities (cook-off or bunco) because of financial restraints.   
*       Susie & Jerri will bring LARGE coffee pots for the a.m. bunco & we will all bring in breakfast pastries, i.e. donuts, bagels, cinnamon rolls, etc.
*       We are NOT providing lunch Saturday. Gumbo cook-off is for tasting. Can go out to lunch or pick-up and bring to River Place. However, Ellise Good Griot volunteered to bring a total of a gallon of salsa – tomato salsa, cucumber salsa and pineapple salsa. Committee will supply chips.  
Websiste Domain name 5 years                            $85               
 Rent                                                                         $625
Set-up & take down                                                $179


23 round tables @ $2.00

 4 rectangular tables @ $2.00
250 chairs @ $.50



 Cordless microphone rental                                       $20
Security                                                                    $320


minimum 2 officers @ $20 hr. each 6 p.m. – 2 a.m. FPD determines # of officers required, so there may be more




 DJ                                                                              $500    


if $$$ is available, he will provide background music

during dinner for 2 hours at extra $100




 Meal (300)                                                              $4,500

Reunion t-shirts                                                    $1,650      (200 @ $8.25 - more shirts, better price)

§         PayPal registration 2.5% per individual      ? 
       (website registration charge)
§         Decorations                                                                 ?                
·        (will get Mary Jane’s expenses)
§         Kegs                                                                          $430               
·        (2 @ $120 plus $95 deposit each)
§         Soft drinks/Water                                                      ?                 (Tommy Dye will check suppliers for estimates
Prizes                                                                  0     
·        (no cost, exclusive bragging rights)

*Possibility of Margarita machine rental

*Possibility of photographer fee of $500 – 600

*Possibility of clean up fee

 I envied Gerry Sue her hot flash as I was very irritable this meeting. Please, fire me.



Planning Meeting April 26, 2009
In attendance: Jerri Mills, Tommy Palmer, Susie Reichenbach Patton, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Alice Day Smith, Nancy Bryan Gilbert, Tony Barnard, Margaret Dubois Ammons and Maria Seidler Atkins on speaker phone as she drove with her knees from Lake Somerville.   Actually, Tommy P. was there for the first hour and then left and Tony entered immediately. (they pre-arranged tag team attendance) As they passed in the parking lot, Tony reported that Tommy said, “you’re on your own, man” and rolled his eyes. (Okay, Tony didn’t say he rolled his eyes but you know he did.)
Absent: Everybody else (even though SOME said they would be there)
Next meeting 3:00, Sunday, May 31 at American Title
471 This Way in Lake Jackson.   And we definitely want Margaret back, she brought amazing cheese cake and the voice of experience – and not once was she bossy.

 OMISSION JUST NOTED (5/9/09):  Decision that faculty members of BHS 1969 would be our guests.  Heaven knows, in '69 they weren't paid enough to put up with our 18 year old selves so we are honored that they are willing to come around us now!  Please accept our gratitude, our apologies and we are honored to have you at the reunion as our guests. 

*       Tommy Palmer says that he has contacted the photographer, Ed O’Connis, who will come to the next meeting. As I understand it, he doesn’t have a fee but will sell photographs and DVDs of the event. (Tommy, for your own safety have him at the next meeting. Alice wishes it)
*       Lynn is still getting prices for reunion t-shirts and we decided on the design, colors, etc. red t-shirt with white & blue printing. One estimate is $8.25 for a minimum of 200 shirts. A final count is needed 2 weeks before the event. A reunion t-shirt is guaranteed only if registered before August 15. After that, we may have some extras available but they may not be your size. T-shirts will not be ordered after August 15.
*       Approximately 340 reunion letters were sent out (to those not previously registered on the website) and only about 60 came back with incorrect addresses.  SNAPS to Maria & Susie & Winona for locating folks & getting this taken care of!  That was a HUGE JOB. We have definitely seen an increase in profile participation in the last 2 weeks on the website.
*       Alice is going to Africa May 4 and will be gone for at least 2 weeks and then off somewhere else so she demanded that Carrol browbeat classmates on the website to register so we can get some $$$ to plan more effectively & pay some deposits,etc. When I politely said it was still early and I haven’t even paid yet, she rolled her eyes and insisted that I get my checkbook out.  Naturally, I did.   So . . . there will be a message posted on the website soon ENCOURAGING classmates to register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
*       Nancy paid the caterer’s a non-refundable deposit of $400. She is willing to delay reimbursement until we have some $$$ in the account, though we offered to write her a blazing check.
*       Doesn’t the committee owe Alice a check of $85 for the website domain name or has she been reimbursed already?  I'm thinking that is not a debt we want to ignore!
*       Tommy Dye was checking on the beer keg donations and beverage suppliers (soft drinks & bottled water). and he wasn’t at the meeting so we don’t know where that stands (financially).  
*       We do know that the city of Freeport REQUIRES paid (by us) police officers to be present any time alcoholic beverages are consumed at the River Place. At this time, we are thinking that alcohol will only be consumed on the premises Saturday evening and not during day activities (gumbo/chili cook-off or bunco) because of financial restraints.   
*       Also, there was discussion concerning clean-up. We are paying to have the city set up and take down tables & chairs. It is required that the facility be cleaned and we be OUT of the building by 2:00 a.m. At this time we agreed that all are going to pitch in & haul trash outside. Margaret said her family had an event there and they cleaned up and with everyone helping, it wasn’t a big deal at all. IF THE FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE AND WE CAN POSSIBLY FIND SOMEONE WHO IS WILLING AT THAT TIME OF NIGHT, we may hire a clean up person. 
*       Susie & Jerri will bring LARGE coffee pots for the a.m. bunco & we will all bring in breakfast pastries, i.e. donuts, bagels, cinnamon rolls, etc.
*       Determined that we are NOT providing lunch. Gumbo cook-off is for tasting. Can go out to lunch or pick-up and bring to River Place. 
*       Tony brought a list of music popular during “our” time and the committee chose songs they really want submitted to the DJ. This DJ is expensive but comes HIGHLY recommended by Michael Poehl and Alan Weddell and he is supposed to really like music from the ‘60s. 
*       We attempted to project a budget
§         Websiste Domain name 5 years                            $85               
§         Rent                                                                               $625

§         Set-up & take down                                                   $179


23 round tables @ $2.00
 4 rectangular tables @ $2.00
250 chairs @ $.50


     §         Cordless microphone rental                                       $20

§         Security                                                                         $320                              

minimum 2 officers @ $20 hr. each 6 p.m. – 2 a.m. FPD determines # of officers required, so there may be more


  §         DJ                                                                                        $500  


if $$$ is available, he will provide background music
during dinner for 2 hours at extra $100


§         Meal (300)                                                                     $4,500
§         Reunion t-shirts                                                           $1,650
·        (200 @ $8.25 - more shirts, better price)
§         PayPal registration 2.5% per individual                        ? 
§         (website registration charge)
§         Decorations                                                                         ?                
·        (will get Mary Jane’s expenses)
§         Kegs                                                                                      ?                     
·        (Tony will get breakdown of kegs)
§         Soft drinks/Water                                                              ?               
·        (Tommy Dye will check suppliers for estimates)
§         Prizes                                                                                   ?     
·        (Are we willing to settle for bragging rights?)
                                                PARTIAL ESTIMATED COST:   $7,794
God bless Maria for joining the meeting via telephone. I was there and couldn’t always hear.   Multiple conversations, multiple topics, multiple opinions . . . that’s enough excuses for multiple errors or omissions, huh?       Carrol

BIG TAA-DAA:  The Saturday night DJ is baaack!  Please disregard meeting minutes in that regard.   When we have more accurate estimates of  items we will post the budget.  We have been meeting since March 2008 but please know the committee is still planning & working on details to provide a memorable reunion and . . . we invite all to join us as we need many more hands, ideas and assistance.   It truly is not reasonable to travel a long distance for an afternoon meeting - I wouldn't, either.  However, please let us know if you will be able to help during Labor Day weekend - there will be many "setting up" kinds of things that need to be done.   Oh, and the website domain has been purchased for the next 5 years for $85.00.  The website is easier to find, just google  brazosport 1969.    It is actually   much easier to remember.   Thanks.   Carrol   4/02/09        


 Planning Meeting March 29, 2009

 In attendance in no particular order:  Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Maria Seidler Atkins, Alice Day Smith, Mary Jane Pratt Boomhower,  Susie Patton (aka Gerry Sue Reichenbach ), Tony Barnard and Special Secret Guest, Winona Hebert Sparks.  Winona was in town as her grandfather died this week. She stayed over so she could come to this meeting and wants us to put her to work even though she and her husband have a prior commitment for Labor Day weekend.  How generous is that?
Absent: EVERYBODY ELSE (specifically, Tommy Palmer, Jerri Mills, Glen Jones, Lynn Brooks, and Alan Weddell)   Apparently your presence at previous meetings is what has kept Alice & Carrol from their shouting match – not a pretty sight.    Nancy Gilbert did send notice that she would be out of town on this date.
For those of you who keep asking who is in charge of the reunion, Alice Day Smith is – just ask her. She scares me.  
Naturally, there was food consumed in quantity & home baked goodies – “to go” plates - should have been there.
Next meeting: 3:00, Sunday, April 26 at American Title 471 This Way in Lake Jackson.
ACTION PLAN:   Without the gory details, these decisions were made:
                           Time line :  
         6:00 - Registration at Hopper Field
         7:00 – football game begins
                              7:00 a.m. – Golf at the Freeport Community Golf Course on Slaughter Road in Jones Creek
                             10:00 – Bunco tournament at River Place
                             1:00 – Gumbo/ Chili Cook-off Tasting at River Place
                             7:00 – Banquet at River Place
                            11:00 - Sermon by Dee Allen
+   With this schedule, Susie will check to be certain we have the River Place rented from Friday through Sunday and the exact times we have access. She will also view the set-up configurations for our activities. Susie will also tell Nancy that the banquet has been moved from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

     +Tommy Dye has the details for golf. $25.00 at the Freeport Community Golf course in Jones  Creek. He said other golf stuff that I really didn’t understand but impressed Maria who is a golfer and did understand.  Michael Poehl is providing the prizes.

                     +      Michael Poehl said that Susan Farmer is willing to donate a keg of beer.  Apparently it  been decided that beer will be provided at the reunion and, adult beverage-wise, it will be B.Y.O.B. and we won’t have to deal with a cash bar or other complications.   Any one contacting Susan about the donation?   Any one else checking on more beer?   

 +      It was decided that for bunco, depending on the number of participants, EVERYONE WHO CAN, needs to bring a card table.  Yes, of course there will be prizes.   Alice didn't object.

+      Due to limited facilities, participants of the gumbo/chili cook-off should bring their entries already prepared so that they can be heated up and ready for judging (like in an electrical appliance – i.e. a crockpot).   However, Tommy Dye and Mary Jane Pratt Boomhower have offered up their magnificent kitchens for cooking to those unable to cook before arriving.  Alice approved.

+      There are BHS graduates from other years who wish to attend our reunion and participate in the activities. If another graduate vouches for them, they can be added as guest members to the website so they can register, too.  Alice said okay.

+      Alice has set up on-line registration on the website. Early Bird Registration per person is $50 through July 31. August 1 the price will be $60.00 per person. Golf entry fee is $25.00.  There is also information available on the website for mailing in registration. This will be posted as soon as all prices are available.

+  It was also agreed to purchase the website name or domain or whatever its called for $16 a year or $85 for 5 years.  It will be  That will make finding the website MUCH easier to find.  I don't know who is going to take care of this.  Is Alice going to pay for this and then the committe will reimburse her? I've been reimbursed by the committee. Alice

+      I will get a map and/or directions to the River Place posted on the website as directed by YOU KNOW WHO.
+      Maria, Susie and Mary Jane will prepare a flyer for a one time mail out to everyone who has not registered on the website. Winona is also helping locate folks not registered, I think.  I think Alice assigned this.
+      I just spoke with Becky Cobb Rasmussen and yes, Glen Jones did call her “a long time ago” and she will make name tags with senior pictures. I will get the flash drive thingee to her. Thank you, Becky ! (and Glen for following through)
+      Winona has the equipment to print posters. Suggestions welcome for items that might add interest to the décor. Mary Jane is making much progress with the decorations.   
+      There is a bit over $600 in the account at this time. Nancy offered to pay the deposit to the caterer and the committee will reimburse her when more funds are available.   Thank you, Nancy.  (Alice said you could write a check)
+      Discussion regarding a Class of 1969 scholarship for B’port HS seniors will be at a later meeting.   This will be on the website so graduates can donate to the scholarship fund via Paypal or mail in.
*     Reunion t-shirts will be provided to BHS graduates at no cost . WHO IS TAKING CARE OF THIS?   Spouses may want shirts, too, but . . . what will the cost be? Obviously this is going to need to be pre-order, too. 
*     Tommy Palmer, have you secured a photographer for the reunion? Will s/he be available for the events so we can have a DVD for sale? How much will the DVD sell for? Since we don’t have the particulars at this time, can this just be ordered & paid for that weekend?   Does Alice need to visit with you about this?  (say no,Tommy, promise you'll take care of it NOW)
     One thing we need to consider: former teachers who might attend the reunion – are we going to charge? Shouldn’t they be invited guests at no charge?  Are there ones we want to make sure get a special invitation?  Should we open it up for suggestions?  WHO IS GOING TO BE IN CHARGE OF THAT, ALICE?
Alice, I so hope these minutes meet with your approval. If not, I will resign this position. However, I will not take my hardheaded self off the committee.             Carrol             

 (We are blessed to have Alice.  She has taken the lead and is making things happen and we appreciate all that she has done.  Alice and I love and respect each other and this has been written in good humor - and she said she would give my dogs back if I was nice.)

Carrol, you KNOW how much I enjoy and appreciate your good humor, and your contribution to the website! We are a team, sister. With Maria, and Gerry Sue (Susie), Mary Jane, Nancy and all of our wonderful classmates, this has been sooooooooo much fun. Reading your funny input keeps us all laughing.....luv ya' sis, and no offense taken.   Alice


 February 15, 2009 Minutes taken by Gerry Sue (Susie) Reichenbach Patton

In attendance were me (Susie), Jerri Mills, Alice Day Smith, Tony Barnard, Nancy Bryan Gilbert, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Maria Seidler Atkins, and Tommy Palmer.

Absent: Glen Jones, Alan Weddell, Glen Patton, Mary Jane Boomhower, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Tommy Dye and everyone else

We accomplished a lot during this meeting.

1. Nancy brought the prices and menus available for the Saturday evening banquet. Buzz Babb of "Uncommon Affairs" will cater the meal for us.

2. Michael Poehl provided the name of a DJ and Susie will contact him to finalize price and options. You need to let Carrol or me (Alice) know of any songs you want our DJ to include.

3. Tommy Palmer to finalize "golf tournament" at the Freeport Country Club for anyone who wants to be a part on Saturday morning.

4. You can sign up and pay for your registrations online with PayPal, or a credit card. If you want to send a check, the address is on the home page. The deadline to sign up on the website will be Aug. 30, 2009. You will still be able to send your checks until the week of the reunion.

  • The price is $50 per person until July 31.
  • Remember after July 31st, the price goes up to $60 per ticket.


6. We decided to add a category on the website that will monitor "prayer needs" for those who request prayer.

7. We were still trying to determine what we could do on Saturday around the lunch hour. Then Lynn suggested that we have a "gumbo cookoff" and a "chili cookoff" (whichever one you are an expert doing) among all those who think they make the best gumbo or chili in the nation. So we will do this around 12:30 at the River Place. Each contestant will need to bring their own utensils, clean-up products, and also small cups to offer samples to those who want a taste. The judges and prize are yet to be determined.

Next meeting: 3:00, Sunday, March 29, at American Title,

471 This Way in Lake Jackson.


Minutes taken by Carrol Jeffers: (Alice, posting my name here sure feels more like blame than credit) Well, it shouldn't! You are doing a great job and we all appreciate it. Alice

January 7, 2009 (There was no 9/14/08 meeting as Ike came to town the 13th and then there were the holidays and we just now got around to having another one.)

In attendance in no particular order: Jerri Mills, Tommy Palmer, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Maria Seidler Atkins, Alice Day Smith, Alan Weddell, Glen Jones, Nancy Bryan Gilbert, Mary Jane Pratt Boomhower, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Gerri Sue Reichenbach Patton, Glen Patton and Lyndel Coughlin I-don’t-know-her-married-name.

Absent: Everybody else

Apparently it is NOT one of those years that we made resolutions (aren’t we kind of passed that?). Gerri Sue had gianormous tubs of chicken spaghetti and the best different salad and great garlic bread. I know you don’t want to hear about the enormous barrel of homemade banana pudding Alice brought and the glazed pound cake Mary Jane brought. You picked the wrong meeting to miss is all I can tell you.

Next meeting: 3:00, Sunday, February 15 at American Title

471 This Way in Lake Jackson.

ACTION PLAN: It was decided that visitors to the reunion website would no longer be allowed (just because they know somebody from that class or BHS graduates) for reasons of security. We will stick with just allowing the predators that were actual members of the graduating class of 1969. Except for Steven McGown (Doris’ brother), he has been listed since the beginning but he has yet to log on – not to imply that he is a predator, known or otherwise.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Nancy was given the number 300 as an estimate to begin getting caterer’s estimates and that number can be adjusted up or down nearer the time of the reunion. Alice thinks we need to put a map on the website to the Freeport River Place (she’s probably correct). I will attempt to find an address and get it to her.

Per Tommy Palmer, “we” are still “leaning” toward having a golf tournament on Saturday morning. He is adamant that John Vernor and Tommy Dye are delighted to make all of the arrangements & details to make this happen. (John Vernor has never even been to a meeting – any disappointed golfers will be given Tommy Palmer’s home and business addresses). Tommy P. also says there will be a bar-b-que luncheon about 1:00 at the golf course afterwards. Why wouldn’t it be at the River Place? We have that facility rented for the weekend and it has restrooms, tables, A/C, etc.

Alan contacted Michael Poehl during the meeting who has emailed the DJ, Stafford Jones from Dickinson, asking about securing him for the Saturday evening music.

The recommended decorator I contacted gave an estimate of $2,000.00 to decorate River Place. After we all sucked air at that exorbitant amount, MARY JO PRATT BOOMHOWER allowed as how she “LOVES TO DO DECORATIONS”. As she said it right out loud, she was immediately elected and accepted the job of decorator. HOORAH FOR MJ! That chore is checked off. MJ, be kind to yourself, make it simple – it isn't the senior prom, just a gathering of seniors.

Tommy P. will get contact information for photographer, Ed O’Connis, to somebody (a female sitting at that end of the table, maybe Lynn?) who will make arrangements for pictures through out the reunion and DVDs will be available to purchase. That person will have prices for the next meeting.

Alice will check on details for business paypal to pay through the reunion website. Attendees will have a menu of items and prices to choose from. Agreed that the 2.5% added to price for use of paypal is acceptable. No refunds will be possible. OMG, TOMMY P. said we have to discuss registrations prices and price of all the add-ons at the next meeting. DID WE NOT ALREADY HAVE THIS “DISCUSSION”? Somebody check the minutes of the earlier meetings. (somebody, please, please, please bring a tranquilizer dart to the next meeting)

Glen will ask Becky Rasmussen Cobb if she will be able to make LARGE PRINT name tags with our senior pictures (like she did for the 20th or was it 25th?). I have a thingee (flashdrive?) of all the senior pictures already scanned in if that will help.

Tommy P. will get name of person who does t-shirts to Lynn. Everyone attending reunion will get a reunion t-shirt. Glen said he thinks he has an old t-shirt that was designed for a prior reunion; he will bring it to the next meeting. Lynn will get prices for t-shirts. Registration will include the price of shirt and name tag. Lynn will also check on price of ticket to the football game. We will need to have a registration table set up outside the gate at Hopper Field for registration to distribute ticket & t-shirt unless we think of a more efficient method.

Instead of getting hotels to reserve a block of rooms (complicated & restrictive), I have posted links to local hotels, RV parks, etc. on the reunion websites and people can handle their own business.

I only include what I remember, the way I remember. It is the best I can do (doesn’t that just break your heart!). Please know I would not be the least bit slighted if someone else has the urge to do the minutes. The purpose is so we can remember from one meeting to the next . . . or at least know who to blame if a job is left undone. Carrol


July 20, 2008

In attendance in no particular order: Jerri Mills, Tommy Palmer, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Maria Seidler Atkins, Tommy Dye, Jimmie Lee Dye, Alice Day Smith, Alan Weddell and Nancy Bryan Gilbert

Absent: Everybody else (approximately 487 of you!)

For those of you UNFORTUNATES who couldn’t make the meeting – BOY, YOU MISSED IT! We took one look at the desserts and made a unanimous decision to skip pizza delivery. We went from Maria’s great salad directly to the Alice’s Jet Lag Chocolate Pies. If you haven’t tasted it, don’t die yet! Then there was a lemon pound cake and a chocolate on chocolate chocolate pastry to die for.

Next meeting: 5:30, Sunday, September 14 at Maria’s shop Forever Treasures 217 Parking Way in Lake Jackson.

 ACTION PLAN: Maria and Jimmie Lee are working on the massive contact list using any and all means. The system includes red and green people which is a code apparently only Maria understands. The rest of us don’t even want to know. She has had lots of offers of help (Candy Sullivan Silcott and Deborah Burridge Herbst). Maria reports lots of progress.

Tommy Palmer is going to check/arrange (probably appoint someone else) for a photographer (Ed O’Connissldkfsd – or something similar). We think we want both video and DVD of the entire event for posterity. Jerri is going to contact Jaye Blaha.

The food group is leaning toward a buffet/banquet for Saturday night. Alan is still going to contact local hotels and reserve blocks of hotel rooms for the reunion weekend.

Plan is to have the decorating done on Friday night since we have access for the whole weekend and it is certain that we want to hire that job out. I STILL plan to contact what’s- her-name who does it for the Brazosport HS events.

Alan reported that Michael Poehl has already arranged for the DJ. The guy that DJ’ed Michael’s son’s wedding did an awesome job and Michael lined him up for the reunion. Michael, is that true? We have marked that off the TO DO list so . . . make it happen.

Alice is working on creating a class reunion website at Class Creator. We can then link it to the Brazosport Reunion’s website. So far it looks good and a few people have logged on - not me though. I wasted several hours downing loading names and e-mail addresses . . . didn’t work . . . AND I couldn’t get logged on or even get my name added to the select list. Okay, that isn’t real subtle. Aren’t we beyond cliques? What is this HIGH SCHOOL????

I don’t even pretend to recall the particulars of this meeting. I’m just going off about 25 words that I wrote down. I am not concerned about criticism because I am confident the people at the meeting won’t remember any better than I do and if you weren’t there . . . I rest my case. Carrol


June 22, 2008

In attendance in no particular order: Glenn Jones, Jerri Mills, Tommy Palmer, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Carrol Reneau Jeffers, Maria Seidler Atkins, Tommy Dye, Jimmie Lee Dye, Michael Poehl, Alice Day Smith, Alan Weddell and Nancy Bryan Gilbert

Absent: Everybody else

We made a joyful noise and Lynn provided great gumbo and trimmings and Jerri brought a divine chocolate cake for dessert. Tommy bought coleslaw ‘cause he doesn’t read his e-mail in a timely fashion. Jimmie Lee’s deviled eggs could have been auctioned off – they were that good! I made cast iron skillet cornbread ‘cause that’s what we love about the South. (Okay, Tommy did buy the coleslaw at RiverPoint so . . . there isn’t better any where).

Next meeting: 5:30, Sunday, July 20, 2008 at Maria’s shop Forever Treasures 217 Parking Way in Lake Jackson.Maria said we can order pizza delivery. (I like your thinkin’ – Lynn set the bar way too high!)

ACTION PLAN: Maria is working on the contact list and Jimmie Lee is helping (I may have made that up).  Maria, Stan Alcott’s information is on the e-mail: Stan Alcott 42 Galway Place The Woodlands, Texas 77382  We have been using an e-mail address to communicate. The address is password:exporters  Tommy Palmer set that up awhile back or maybe Tommy Dye, any way, when you log on, it says Hi, Tommy. Feel free to add your contact information to the contacts. Some of us aren’t comfortable posting contact information right out there on the www (like it isn’t accessible any way!) Yes, I am one of those somebodies so the sarcasm includes me. Oh, AND, Maria is going to get some kind of “save the date” postcard ready for mailing – or maybe a committee is going to help with that? Maria, you are the SHERO here!

Alan is going to contact local hotels and reserve blocks of hotel rooms for the reunion weekend. Go, #55! Now that he is completely retired and before or after his daily walks and golf /hunting/traveling he has some spare time.

Michael came to the meeting to confirm that he would be invited. Seems that his wife Kathy indicated his behavior at the last reunion wasn’t stellar. Kathy, our memories aren’t that long. I recall thinking Michael was part of the entertainment . . . but I went home early.

Nancy stepped right up and VOLUNTEERED to chair the food committee. I am so impressed – I really would rather have a root canal and colonoscopy in the same day. . .maybe at the same time! Jerri will assist and Nancy said Larry Kay would help, too. NOTE: Larry Kay was not actually there so her obligation is not binding UNLESS she declines IN WRITING before the next meeting. Mmmm, I have Michael Poehl’s name written beside Windswept but I don’t remember why. I don’t know if that was his suggestion for caterer or where he ate lunch or a warning not to eat there.

Glen and Tommy P. had a TENSE discussion regarding Saturday day activity offerings. Glen’s thoughts were to include a choice of offshore fishing or golf. Tommy seemed to think it was a despicable and an unreasonable suggestion. I guess we know what Tommy will be doing that Saturday. (I kept my mouth shut – I have learned something the past 40 years). Any other ideas/suggestions, etc. for Saturday activities? Side trip to Galveston? Tour of Surfside? What would people who don’t live here or haven’t been here in quite awhile want to see or do AND enjoy doing with classmates? Come on, we aren’t afraid of Tommy . . . ALL OF US DON’T PLAY GOLF! Play Bunco? Scavenger hunt – with teams, of course, all over the area? How about a Sunday a.m. worship service? Alice, would you lead one?

Lynn will take care of getting a dedicated seating section of the stadium for us for the football game. I know this is Texas and football is sacred but even this is too early to take care of right now.

Glen has volunteered to pay to have someone set up a website for the reunion if Someone will provide him with information – I guess like a draft or graphics? You know there is a website that has multiple Brazosport reunion classes listed. www.brazosportreunions  Would we just want to add ours there? Check it out and mull. I have e-mailed that website to get more information about procedures,etc. Alice et al suggested sites for tracking classmates: and I know there are several folks registered on, also.

Alice suggested offering scholarships for those who cannot attend due to financial restraints. We might give that some more thought. I didn’t attend for years but it was never lack of $$$. We sure wouldn’t want people to not show because of that. Any thoughts?

I have a tiny little idea but I am NOT volunteering to chair or coordinate (unless it turns out to be not a big deal at all). For decorating the River Place: There is a woman, Elida Reyes, who decorates for Brazosport High School proms, etc. (and has for the past 10 years). She is supposed to do a wonderful job and prices are “very reasonable” according to the school sponsor. I have not contacted her but I hope to this week and get some prices. She has decorated River Place for Bport events many, many times.

IS ANYBODY READING THESE MINUTES? IF NOT, I CAN STOP! All minutes may or may not be accurate but any discrepancies are a reflection of my recollection and in no way are deliberate. Please feel free to advise me of any omissions or inaccuracies or brazen fabrications. Besides, if you were there, you know what you heard and how many side conversations there were and besides . . . I just can’t help it and my intentions are honorable. Carrol




 May 4, 2008

In attendance: Glenn Jones, Jerri Mills, Tommy Palmer, Sonya Palmer, Gerry Sue Reichenbach Patton, Lynn Rasberry Brooks, Carrol Reneau Jeffers

Absent: Everybody else

FINANCES: $995 balance from last reunion in First State Bank. Gerry Sue will take care of changing signature cards. I think she is also going to return Cyndie Chrystal Williams’ generous check “for the cause” since we do have a balance. The new River Place is a desirable facility close to Brazosport High School. Rental is $500 for 1 night, $620 for 2 nights and the city requires approximately $50 an hour for security (2 Freeport police officers). There are also fees for table & chair set up and clean up which we are delighted to pay.

TENTATIVE PLANS: Despite Tommy’s apparently unlimited budget, we will attempt to keep registration to $40 a person. Optional add-ons (football tickets, golf tournament, etc.) will be extra. Besides, we cannot provide the entertainment that Glen would expect for a high dollar ticket (don’t ask).

Lynn immediately jumped on her assignment and after checking the home football schedule and the open dates for the River Place, the only available date is Saturday, September 5, 2009. There is a game that Friday, September 4. YEP, THAT’S LABOR DAY WEEKEND. There are pros and cons for that so . . . Come on, it’s the 40th reunion for pete’s sake – ALL of us won’t be around for the next one!

A cash bar will be available – Tommy P.said he and some others would provide a keg and wine? Tommy may not have actually said that . . . I didn’t spend a lot of time writing down Tommy quotes. He did say he would make arrangements for a caterer for the cash bar. Tommy kept saying SOMEBODY needs to contact local hotels and ask to reserve a block of discounted rooms. Great idea and SOMEBODY needs to actually do it.

Much discussion about food, too, but . . . I think it was decided a formal dinner wasn’t the way to go. A buffet of Mexican food or barbeque or something else . . . blah, blah, blah . . . I missed a lot of that for some reason. I do know NOBODY passionately volunteered for that assignment.

Gerry Sue got the deposit to the city of Freeport so River Place is reserved so far.

Carrol will have an announcement of future meetings posted in the Facts and write up the minutes.

Jerri is going to ask Nancy Bryan Gilbert if she will chair this committee. If not . . . well, shoot.

CONCERNS: Maybe it is just me but I keep hearing from others HOW MUCH WORK A REUNION IS. We Need More People Involved. The folks who worked on previous reunions have said there weren’t but a handful of them who made it happen and they would rather have a root canal and colonoscopy on the same day than do it again. Honestly, I am not willing to do that.

All minutes may or may not be accurate but any discrepancies are a reflection of my recollection and in no way are deliberate. Besides, I had some notes on a different piece of paper and I can’t find it. Please feel free to advise me of any omissions or inaccuracies or brazen fabrications. Besides, if you were there, you know what you heard and if you weren’t there you should have been. . . because we probably talked about you. Carrol

 A 1969 Brazosport High School 40th Class Reunion Kick-off meeting 3:00 p.m. Sunday, March 16, 2008 at River Point Restaurant in Lake Jackson, TX.

1. Kick-off meeting – develop an initial plan

2. Reunion planning committee – need to select 10 plus alumni. Select a date and start publicizing the reunion as early as possible so attendees can make travel plans. Set up an account at a bank or credit union with two people required to sign for transactions.

3. Assign one person to keep track of the master list and update it as responses come in.

4. Budget committee - develop a detailed budget. Cost: cover deposits, printing, mailing of invitations and long-distance phone calls.

5. Invitations committee – send out initial reunion invitations approximately nine months before the reunion date. Include a missing classmates list and ask people to respond if they have any information about the lost alumni. Include the hotel information in the reunion invitation.

6. Site committee – Research convention centers and reserve blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town alumni, ask for special group rates. Ask about any initial deposits up front and inquire about the refund policy.

7. Food committee – Research restaurants and caterers in the area to get the best price for our large event. Check on Barbecue, finger foods, sit-down dinner and Alcoholic beverages.

8. Music and decorations committee – Decide to go with a band or a DJ. then shop around and book one. Decorate the banquet center, keep decorations meaningful to our school, make name tags for all attendees, memory album, remember any classmates that have passed away with a memorial display in a separate area of the reunion location.

9. Many attendees will be traveling from out of town solely for our reunion. Do we want to plan an entire weekend around our reunion? A. Friday night welcome mixer. B. Saturday morning Golf game – location? C. Saturday night banquet. D. Sunday – reunion family picnic/Barbecue – time/early afternoon. There’s always room for one more committee member and it will help awaken your enthusiasm for our reunion so please join us.



I am sorry to add that Cheryl Lewellen Price let us know that on July 11, 2008 Sherry Cade Miller died and services were July 13 in New Braunfels.   Per an e-mail from Tommy Palmer, Debbie Loyd Brenk was trying to wire flowers from the Class of 1969 to the services. I know our thoughts and prayers are with beautiful Sherry’s family. Thank you, Debbie!!!